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Legal Notice

Information on Data Management


The New Age Ügynökség Kft (hereinafter referred to as: Service Provider) in the course of operating website www.bernadottejewellery.com (hereinafter referred to as: Website) manages the data of the visitors of the Website and the persons, who are registered on the Website (hereinafter collectively referred to as: Involved Party).

In connection with the management of the data Service Provider hereby informs the Involved Parties about the personal data that are managed by it on the Website, and its principles and the practice it follows in the course of managing the personal data, as well as about the method and possibilities of exercising the rights of the Involved Parties.

Involved Party accepts by using the Website the contents of the document of the title of Information on Data Management and it consents to the management of the data defined below.

1.    Name of Service Provider, as the data manager

Name of company: New Ügynökség Age Kft.

Registered seat: 1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 52 III/1

VAT number: 12943889-2-41

Company register Number: 01-09-711248

Company Registration Court: Company Registration Court of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest

Email address: management@bernadottejewellery.com

Phone number: +36 309250656

Data management registration number: NAIH-109110/2016

2.    Purpose of data management

Service Provider stores and manages the data that are made available by the Involved Party for a definite purpose, exclusively for performing the order, for invoicing, for delivering the products to the given address, for certifying later on the conditions of the contract concluded and in the interest of sending newsletters.

The purpose of the automatically recorded data is to prepare statistics, for technically developing the IT system.

Service Provider does not and may not use the personal data given for any purpose other than the ones given above. Handing over the personal data to any third person or to the authorities – except if law stipulates it otherwise with binding effect – is possible only with the prior and express consent of the Involved Party.

In each case when Service Provider wishes to use the provided data for a purpose other than the purpose of original data recording, it will inform Involved Party about this and it has to obtain the prior and explicit consent of the Involved Party or it will provide an opportunity for it to prohibit this kind of usage.

3.    Legal basis of data management

The data are managed on the basis of the voluntary statement of the users of the Website, which statement is based on their being appropriately informed and which statement contains the express consent of the Involved Party to the usage of its personal data that are communicated in the course of using the Website.

Data are managed by the Service Provider on the basis of Section 5 (1) a) of Act CXII of year 2011 on the information self-determination right and the freedom of information (hereinafter referred to as Information Act) and based on the voluntary consent of the Involved Party, as well as on the basis of Act CVIII of year 2001 on electronic commercial services and the specific issues of information society related services.

Service Provider does not verify the personal data that are given to it, and it does not check their trueness either. Exclusively the person, the Involved Party, the “contracting party” is responsible for the appropriateness of the data given. Each Involved Party with giving his/her email address undertakes liability for the fact that the service will be used from the email given by him/her exclusively by him/her. In view of this commitment undertaking all the liability that is connected to logging in from the given email will burden that Involved Party, who registered the email address.

4.    The duration of data management

The management of the personal data mandatorily given during registration starts with registration and it lasts until it is deleted upon request. In the case of the non-mandatory data the management of the data will last from the time when the data are given until the deleting of the data involved, upon request. Deleting the registration may be done at any time after the sending of the deleting request, in the manner that is stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC). In this case the deadline for deleting the data is 5 working days after the receipt of the request.

In the case of Newsletters, Service Provider will manage the data that are given by the Involved Party in the course of subscribing for the newsletter until the Involved Party does not unsubscribe the newsletter by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button that is at the bottom of the newsletters or the Involved Party does not ask his being removed from the list of newsletter subscribers either in email or by post. In the case of unsubscribing, the Service Provider will delete the data of the Involved Party from its system within 5 working days after the receipt of the relevant request (in email, through post, or though clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button).

As regards data that are given voluntarily in the course of using the Wedding Present List, the Involved Party may request from Service Provider the deleting of the data. In this case the deadline for deleting the data is 5 working days after the receipt of the relevant request.

The system stores the logged data – with the exception of the date of the last visit, which the system automatically overwrites – for 6 months after the time of logging.

The above provisions do not have any impact on the performance of the data retaining obligations that are defined by the provisions of law (e.g. in the accounting related legal provisions), and the management of data based on additional consents that are given on the occasion of registration at the Website or in any other manner.

5.    Range of personal data managed

Registration data

For using the services on the Website, thus especially for ordering through the Website, the Involved Parties have to fill in a registration form, in the course of which they have to mandatorily give the following data for the Service Provider to perform the order:

  •  Email address
  •  Password
  •  Name
  •  Invoicing address
  •  Delivery address, if it is not the same as the invoicing address.

Technical data

These data are those data of the computer of the Involved Party logging in, which are generated in the course of using the service and which are recorded by the system of Service Provider as an automatic result of the technical processes. They include especially the date and time of the visit, the IP address of the computer of the Involved Party, the type of his/her browser, and the address of the website that is viewed and which has been previously visited.

The data that are recorded automatically are logged by the system at the time of entering or on the occasion of exiting without any separate statement or activity of the Involved Party. These data may not be connected to other personal user data, with the exception of the cases that are stipulated by law. These data are accessible exclusively by the Service Provider.

The system of Service Provider may collect data on the activity of the Involved Party, which data may not be connected with the other data that are given by the Advertising Party given on the occasion of registration or when the User picked up contact with the Advertising Party, and with the data that are generated when other websites or services are used.

The html code of the Website may contain references that are independent of the Service Provider, which arrive from external servers and which point to other external servers. The service providers of these references are able to collect user data due to the direct connection that is established with their server.

External servers assist the measurement and auditing of the visiting and other web analytical data of the Website (Google Analytics). As regards the management of the measurement data, the data managers of these data are able to provide detailed information for the Involved Party.
They may be accessed at the following address: www.google.com/analytics/


Service Provider or the indicated external service providers place on and read back from the computer of the Involved Party a small data package, a so-called cookie in the interest of customised service. If the browser sends back an already saved cookie, the cookie managing service provider may connect the data of the Involved Party saved on the occasion of the current visits of the Involved Party with the earlier ones, but exclusively in respect of its own data content.

Service Provider uses the following cookies:

  •  Session cookies: The session cookies are automatically deleted after the visit of the Involved Party. The function of these cookies is to allow the Website of Service Provider to operate more efficiently and more securely, therefore they are indispensable for the proper operation of certain functions or certain applications of the Website.
  •  Persistent cookies: Service Provider uses persistent cookies in the interest of better user experience (e.g. the provision of optimised navigation). These cookies are stored in the cookie file of the browser for a longer time. The duration of this depends on the setting the Involved Party has set in his/her internet browser. With the aid of these cookies Service Provider collects data in an anonym manner for marketing and optimising purposes. Service Provider may not use these data for personally identifying the Involved Party. Naturally the Involved Party may ban for Service Provider to use the data of the Involved Party, through any of the contact data of the Service Provider given above.
  •  Cookies used for password protected work processes.
  •  Cookies needed for the shopping carts.
  •  Security cookies.

In the menu line of the majority of the browsers there is a “Help” function, which provides information on how the Involved Party may do the following in his/her own browser

  •  how he/she can ban the cookies,
  •  how he/she may accept new cookies,
  •  how he/she can give instructions to his/her browser to set a new cookie, or
  •  how he/she can switch off other cookies.

If the Involved Party would not like Google Analytics to measure the above data with the method and for the purpose introduced above, then the Involved Party has to install into his/her browser the plug-in that blocks this.

The Website uses the remarketing tracking codes of Google Adwords. The basic purpose of this is to allow us to contact later on those users, who visit the site with remarketing advertisements on the websites that belong to the network of Google Display. The remarketing code uses cookies for labelling the visitors. The Users of the Website may prohibit these cookies, provided they contact the manager program of the Google advertisement settings and they follow the instructions given there. Subsequently the personalised offers from Service Provider will not appear for them.


When subscribing to the newsletter the Involved Party has to give his/her email address or full name to the Service Provider.

6.    Range of people, who will know the data, data forwarding, data processing

Primarily the Service Provider and the internal colleagues of Service Provider are entitled to learn the data, however they may not publish them and they may not disclose them to any third party.

Service Provider may engage data processing entities for the purpose of performing the orders for the purpose of the administration of the accounting (e.g. system operator, forwarding company, accountant). Service Provider is not liable for the data management practice of this kind of the outside contributors.

Name of data processing entities:

Name: FEDEX courier service (Hungarian Branch Office of the Federal Express Corporation)

Registered seat: 2220 Vecsés, Lőrinci út 59. C/5

E-mail: humaster@fedex.com

Phone: 06 40 980 980 

Data of the storage space service provider:

Name: Itent Informatikai Kft.

Registered seat: 1164 Budapest, Batthány Ilona utca 29.

E-mail address: itent@itent.hu

In addition to the above the forwarding of the personal data concerning the Involved Party may be done exclusively in the cases that are mandatorily defined by the law or on the basis of the consent of the User.

7.    User rights and the possibilities available for enforcing these rights

7.1 Right to being informed

Involved Party is entitled to ask information on those personal data referring to him/her, which are managed by Service Provider, moreover – with the exception of the email that is given in the course of registration – he/she may modify them on the Website in his/her own account.

Service Provider has to provide information upon the request of the Involved Party on those data referring to him/her, which are managed by it, as regards the purpose, legal basis, duration of the management of the data, moreover on who will receive or who received these data and for what purpose. Service Provider will give in writing the information requested within 30 days after the submission of the request.

Involved Party may turn to the colleague of the Service Provider with any question or remark concerning data management through the below given contact points.

7.2 Involved Party may request the deleting, correction or locking his/her data

Involved Party is entitled to request the correcting his/her data recorded incorrectly or their deleting at any of the below giving contact points. Service Provider will delete the data within 5 working days after receiving the request, in this case it will not be possible to restore these data. Deleting does not refer to data management that is required by the law (e.g. based on the accounting regulations), Service Provider has to retain the data involved in this for the duration required.

Moreover, the Involved Party may ask the locking of his/her data. Service Provider will lock the personal data if it is requested by the Involved Party, or if based on the available information it may be assumed that deleting it would infringe the lawful rights of the Involved Party. Data locked this way may be managed only while that purpose of data management exists, which excluded the deleting of the personal data.

The Involved Party and all those have to be notified about locking and deleting the data to whom the data had been forwarded for the purpose of data management previously. Notification may be omitted if doing so does not infringe the lawful interests of the User concerning the purpose of data management.

If the data manager does not perform the request concerning the correction, locking or deleting of the data involved, it has to tell this in writing within 30 days after the receipt of the request with giving the actual and legal reasons of refusing the correction, locking or deleting related request.

7.3 The Involved Party may object to the management of his/her personal data

The Involved Party may object to the management of his/her personal data. Service Provider will review the objection within the shortest time possible after the submission of the request, but at the latest during 15 days, and it will decide whether it is well-founded and it will inform the applicant about its decision in writing.

Involved Party may exercise its rights through the following contact points:

Name of company: New Age Ügynökség Kft.

Registered seat, postal address: 1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 52 III/1

Email address: management@bernadottejewellery.com

Phone number: +36309250656

7.4 The Involved Party on the basis of the Information Act and on the Civil Code (Act V of year 2013)

1.    may turn to the National Data Protection and Information Freedom Authority (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; www.naih.hu) or

2.    it may enforce its rights at the courts.

If the Involved Party has given the data of a third party in the course of registration for using the service or he/she has caused damage in any way in the course of using the Website, the Service Provider is entitled to enforce compensation against the Involved Party. Service Provider in this case will provide all the assistance it can to the acting authorities for the purpose of establishing the personal identity of the law infringing person.

8.    Utilisation of the email addresses

Service Provider pays an outstanding attention to the lawfulness of using the electronic mail addresses it manages. Therefore it uses them only in the manner that is defined in the Data Management Information Document for sending (information providing or advertising) emails.

Managing the email addresses serves primarily the identification of the Involved Party, the performance of the orders and contact keeping in the course of using the services, therefore emails are sent primarily in the interest of these tasks.

9.    Newsletter

Service Provider allows Involved Party to subscribe the newsletter. The newsletter has direct marketing elements and it contains advertisements. Service Provider in the course of managing the newsletter manages the data that are given by the Involved Party.

The Involved Party may unsubscribe free of charge the sending of the newsletters without any limitation and without any reasoning. The Involved Party may do so in mail, in email or by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link that is located at the bottom of the newsletters. In this case Service Provider will delete from its registration all the personal data – that are needed for sending the newsletters and it will not contact the Involved Party any more. Service Provider will send to the electronic postal address that is given in the course of registration advertisements or letters that contain advertising (newsletter) only with the express consent of the Involved Party, in the cases and in the manner that corresponds to the provisions of law.

10.  Data security

Service Provider undertakes the obligation to take care of the security of the data, moreover it will introduce all the technical measures that will ensure the protection of the data recorded, stored and managed and it will do all it can in order to prevent their destruction, their unauthorised use and unauthorised modification. It also undertakes to summon all the third parties to whom it may forward or hand over the data also to meet their obligations existing in this regard.

11.  Other provisions

Service Provider reserves itself the right to modify unilaterally present Data Management Information Document with the prior notification of the Involved Parties. After the effective date of the modification the Involved Party by using the Website with its implied behaviour accepts the contents of the modified Data Management Information Document.

Present Data Management Information Document is effective as of November 21, 2016.

The Website Data Management Information Document is available and may be downloaded from here: 

Information on Data Management